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Hey guys! Kairi here! Just thought I’d let you know that we have been officially listed over at the ffdirectory. c:

Kairi here! The other day Alice and I began to rp some of the prequel over on our XII rp accounts. You can read them here and here. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Anonymous sent: When are you gonna get back to the au? im anxious for whatever is next.

We’ll get back to it soon. We’ve just been busy, but rest assured we haven’t forgotten about it and we’ll come back to it. c:


AU FFXII Roleplay ~Prequel Part 1~

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AU XII Roleplay ~Part 39~

I apologize in advance for the lack of capital letters where they are needed. My current theme only has the option for all lowercase letters. :/

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Voting: Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII?


Voting: Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII?


Today, March 16th, it comes over 8 years since Final Fantasy XII was first released in Japan in 2006. The developers of Square Enix have earlier stated that they would consider making Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster if there is demand from the fans.

That’s why we are now asking from you, our fellow readers:  Would You Like to See a HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII? Post thoughts on the comments…

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Anon asked:I have a few questions for you two. One; when are you going to get back to the au? Two; Could you please ‘fix’ Balthier? The role he is in now is uncomfortable to me. Three; Could you add more CleoVaan back into the story? Four; Also, could you please have more ‘funny’ things like you did in the beginning? and Five; Are you two going to make this into a well-developed fanfiction and post it to fanfiction dot net?

Well, we planned to do a sort of prequel thing for the au. I personally do not know when we are going to get to it since we are both really busy and I have a three-part test this week. As for the fanfiction bit, we planned to do that a while ago, but haha life. It’s on hold for now, I guess. 


Vaan - Final Fantasy XII (12)